Dr. Turner's Chronicles - Reborn Deluxe Edition

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Ric has nearly died trying to reach Alia, but he still wants to talk to her no matter the cost. Joy doesn't approve his recklessness, especially now that she has realized her love for him, so she decides not to follow. While ringing around to reach Alia's head with Alyssa and the others, Ric continues his story.
The city has been evacuated and it looks like there's no safe place anymore for Alia and Ric to hide. Despite some unexpected help, they end up stuck between some buildings with the army at their heels. To break the deadlock and save Ric, Alia will take a decision that will change forever his and her life... to find out what happened and to know if Ric will be able to talk to her one last time, read "doctor Turner's chronicles part 4 reborn", the last chapter of his thrilling adventures.

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